DANNY VAUGHN — Myths Legends And Lies

DANNY VAUGHN — famed for his flourishing voice-work with melodic rockers Tyketto — has now completed the solo album he always wanted to make.

Myths Legends Lies Album Cover
Myths Legends Lies – astounding dark energy and passions that gnaw for forgiveness…

Bringing Myths, Legends and Lies to its climax, completion and release has formed an epic quest in its own right for the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and master storyteller.

Myths, Legends and Lies is out today, 14th June, 2019. A string of UK dates has also been announced [check below video]

We had an early listen:

The Shadow Of King John” is a spring-boarding jig filled with stomping rhythms and gloriously inebriated fiddles.

It’s a breezy, irrepressible jaunt through the faded spirit of Limerick but retains a wistful sense of hope.

Danny Vaughn
Danny Vaughn – pensive though not downhearted…

It’s hard to get a fix on the curious possibility that all our consciousness and everything that constitutes what we consider to be our body is just a fossil of bioelectric mechanism. “Man Or Machine” advances this notion.

With free-flowing acoustic guitars that are strengthened by hand-claps and lyric draws that draw connection with Descartes. It seems incongruous to us, perhaps even repugnant to our high-tech space-age minds, that maybe some supernatural or divine intervention will save us from ourselves. This song is filled with hyperbolic doubt about our place in the mechanical universe.

The New York boy has created a gentle and mystical ballad with “The Missouri Kid” with soothing acoustic piano, accompanied by bass guitar, drums, and violin the song is pensive though not downhearted

While “The Good Life” is a strong-shoed clodhopper with the yowl of fiddle and a keening blues-guitar. This is also slathered with swampy organ. It’s a thing of stripped-down elegance. The voice has astounding dark energy and passions that gnaw for forgiveness.

This album is everything I hoped for and prayed for...”

Aye to that!

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Myths Legends And Lies by Danny Vaughn is out today

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/Danny-Vaughn


UK Live Dates

July 11: Bannermans, Edinburgh
July 12: Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool
July 19: Queen’s Hall, Nuneaton
July 20: Tivoli, Buckley

Aug 16: The Dreadnought, Bathgate
Aug 17: The Diamond Rock Bar, Ballymena
Aug 22: The Black Heart, London
Aug 23: The Cluny, Newcastle
Aug 29: Eleven, Stoke On Trent
Aug 30: The Asylum, Birmingham

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