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NICK WILSON — Colour Me In

Rising English pop artist NICK WILSON continues his fascinating journey with a languid new piece of electronica titled Colour Me In, released 6th June via Never Fade.

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Colour Me In

Inhabited by effervescent synthesizers, stunning guitars and unforced harmonies, Colour Me In is probably Nick’s most convincing release to date.

The single exudes heavenly quality throughout, to produce a sound that’s reminiscent of Billie Eilish or Adrian Galvin’s Yoke Lore project.

Colour Me In was co-written with Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway (Gabrielle Aplin, Lewis Capaldi) and is a traditional love song draped in modern sensibilities.

It’s about finding that one person that makes you want to dive head first into a relationship again,” Wilson says “Someone who pulls you out of the post-breakup lull. The chorus lyric “colour me in, I’m ready to start again” is the heart of the song. It’s the feeling of finding someone who makes you want to do it all again...”

Nick has successfully launched and produced his own music for the past six years. Previous singles, including: Bare, In Your Eyes, All The Same, Get Up and and his recent single Let Me Hold You have all been acclaimed.


Colour Me In by Nick Wilson was released 6 Jun 2019

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