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She wrote and recorded more than 75 songs in Nashville and Los Angeles last year, now the Californian native, CHLOÉ CAROLINE brings us her new single titled “Messy” through AWAL.

Photo of artist
Chloé Caroline – energizing pop credentials…

Chloe’s unparalleled vocal style, alongside her contemplative lyrics, has led audiences to suggest she’s created a “New Southern California Sound”.

Her compositions integrate influences from her past and mix them with energizing pop credentials. “Messy” has barbed textual commentary and analyzes the hard times we experience on the trip through life’s ups-and-downs.

Accompanied by neatly packaged strings and whirl of groovetronic riffs, the voice is fast and brittle, yet has a peachy eventide quality as well. This requires repeated eavesdropping. Do you dig?

For fans of: Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Carkson

Main image:  Justin Mayotte


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