Interview with JOANovARC

JOANovARC is the first British female band to be featured on the ‘Rock Band Three’ Xbox 360 game!

Players can add their existing Rock Band music libraries by purchasing the song game track.

Last year JOANovARC released their debut EP ‘Beneath the Sky’ on iTunes which was described as “An amazing debut EP”  and ” A must for any music lover …” by delighted fans. They were also very busy promoting their EP on radio and TV stations across the world… And they then went on to sign a publishing deal with Speegra Music in the UK and Veal Steen in the USA.

We love their commitment to pure rock ‘n’ roll. Take their track ‘Seeds of Summer’ for example. This song shines like a new bottle of Jack  in the Lynchburg noonday sun. Glittering guitars cake those blue blood vocals, and the overwhelming chorus looms and ascends like a glorious fusillade on a blazing horizon.

With influences ranging from  Jimi Hendrix & Led Zepplin, right  through to the Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters – what’s not to like?  And as Bruce Dickinson once said about the band, “These girls can shred!”

We talked to the band about their busy year so far:

RAW: How was your American tour?

JOANovARC: Our favourite gig this year was at the Florida Music Festival. We were on the main stage, we were well received and the audience really appreciated rock music. They were very enthusiastic and loved the fact that we were rock chicks from Great Britain!

We really enjoyed our trip and we were also received well on college radio and the Florida Music Festival was a great opportunity. We  were spotted by Gibson guitars at the main stage and we were honoured to meet the managing director Michael wagoner of Gibson guitars. He took us to his office and said he would support JOANovARC all the way. He showed us his gold discs of all the bands he had worked with including AC/DC, Nickelback  and Slash! It was a moment we will never forget.   We were thrilled with his support for the group. We are so grateful to be getting support from Gibson guitars, it means we can go anywhere in the world and have free instruments to use whenever we like. Not many bands have this privilege. The Florida music festival was amazing and we had a great show.

RAW: Would you tell us about your ‘Rockband’ releases

JOANovARC:  We are over the moon and we are so excited that we have been given the chance to show our music to the gaming industry. We landed the rock band opportunities through a publisher and sheer luck and timing. We were chosen to be placed on the game! We were lucky to have two tracks on there, one being the first Japanese song on the game… Our friends in Japan were very happy!

The Xbox Company Rock Gamer in America made their decisions but we suggested that our Japanese rock track would really suit the game as it was unusual, energetic, would be the first ever Japanese song on the game and had a great challenging drum track for the Xbox fans to play!

RAW: We see that you have been playing biker events this summer  … What sort of reception are you getting at these kind of festivals?

JOANovARC: We love performing at biker festivals and we are doing more including Harley Davidson in Austria. We are in our comfort zone at these festivals as we can perform the music we really love and we have a chance to let rip with 10min guitar solos! The reception is amazing for us.

RAW: How was your experience at The 100 club in June ? (Rock Band 3 Launch) Did you begin to feel that your were now playing a part in rock history?
JOANovARC: When we were looking at venues for our launch we could not think of any place better than the 100 Club. It has so much history, all the greats have performed there, even some of our music heros. The Club still has a great vibe and we were honoured to perform our launch show there.

[ The Girls will be back at the Legendary 100 Club on 7th December with the amazing Kenelis.  Tickets from or ]

Thanks JOANovARC.

– JOANovARC were talking to © Neil_Mach October 2012

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