DANNY ADAMS From Three Compasses

Weymouth troubadour, broadcaster and songwriter DANNY ADAMS often delivers retro-rocket rock, with post-grunge English edges, always rich in melodies and crafted with a strong sense of artistic achievement.

He now he releases a new livesong EP “Live at the Three Compasses” ( performed recently at a village pub near Dorchester, Dorset, a venue that hosts the “Raising Spirit” festival.)

Three Compasses

Blood Letters” brings a swirl of boiling-pot sounds that cater to a hauntingly beautiful deep voice. The song dances to an evolving rhythm supported by bowls of bass-notes. Exceptional!

New song, “I Know Your Eyes” has a blithe countersway with a lot of melodious, punchy guitar and an incredible oyster shell ‘n’ putty voice. This is warm and invigorating.

Danny Adams

The Superheroes” taken from his 2020 album “Soul Horizons” gripes like a bear with his tail caught in a trap. It’s a number that is cave-dark in aspect, though not sinister. While “Upside Down” from the same album brings extended musical horizons and packs-in some stained textures, and rusty-toned intonation. This is filled with resourcefulness!

Heartbreaking and introspective at times, this is classic grunge re-interpreted with a country atmosphere. Danny is a great guitarist and brings natural flexibility, springy virtuosity, and irrepressible euphoria to each of these songs. And with a voice of scrub stone… you will feel you’re never far from bewhiskered jowlization!

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

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