Danny Adams by Joshi

DANNY ADAMS — Soul Horizon

After year-round setbacks, the proficient multidimensional Weymouth based musician DANNY ADAMS is firmly on the road to recovery.

During a long career in performance and recording: as a bandleader, troubadour, voiceman, and songcrafter; he seems happiest, now, guitar-ready, as a solo performer and ambitious melodist.

Soul Horizon Danny Adams
Soul Horizon – a bravura-filled realization…

But the songsmith’s 2020 album “Soul Horizon” (the album project was put on hold during his period of convalescence) is something more than mere acoustic jingling. This is a bravura-filled realization that pushes rockabilly against metalheaded rock in an emo revivalism that adds conceptual progress to classic rock sonatas.

Title track “Soul Horizon” has hot sips of electric guitar, a fluster of drums, a growl in the background and, pride of place — the muscular ‘n’ earthy vocal that curves high in places but otherwise remains as stubbly as the hot sandstone at Durdle Dor. The song brings a sense of apprehension and foreboding, even though the words are verificatory and heartening. It’s as if Danny expects the worst, but wishes for consecration. It’s a prayer of consolation and devotion.

Danny Adams
Danny Adams – the voice is orotund, expressively damson…

Upside Down” is a twanger of electric wine with curmudgeonly bass notes that contrast effectively with the congenial cough-drop vocals and an engaging melody.

On the face of it, this track is nickelbackesque — though, obviously, with extended musical horizons and more coloration, cantillation, and creativity than Kroeger could ever imagine.

Suckerpunch” is a fast punkish machine that shoots rock ‘n’ roller bullets into a helter-skelter of rhythms. And “The SuperHeroes” grumbles like a bear with his tail caught in a trap. This number is cave dark, but not sinister.

The pyro-bursts of guitar illuminate all the dusky corners of this magnificently crafted song and the voice is orotund, expressively damson, and reminds us of Curt Smith in terms of introspection, earthy sensuality, and overwhelming melancholy.

Sometimes this album delivers retrorocket rock, other times it’s post-grunge with English edges, but always it’s rich in melody with strong artistic sense and incredible vocal technique.

File alongside: Pearl Jam

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©
Main image: Joshi

Link: https://www.facebook.com/dannyadamsuk/

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