Fahran Debut Album Review

Fahran is a five-piece, melodic, hard-rock band from Derbyshire. Formed in 2006, under the name, Toxic Federation, the band quickly set about writing and performing their own material.

The songs, honed on the road, were released independently by the band, in 2008, on their debut album, ‘Behind the Mask’ – incredibly, when the average age of the band was just sixteen.

Following the departure of both their lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in 2011, many thought the future of the band was uncertain. However, before the year was out, they were back on-stage with a new frontman, Nick Whitcroft. In his time fronting Rugby-based alternative rock band, Void Illusion, Nick extensively toured in the UK and abroad. He also worked hard,  developing his voice with bands across a range of genres such as rock, prog, metal, funk and blues. Nick is an impressive, lively, experienced singer, whose vocal talent is equally matched by his enthusiasm and drive.

The new five-piece line-up amounts to a darker, heavier and far more mature sound – this is a band that has worked for all they have achieved, leaving them with a seasoned gravitas.

Fahran’s self-titled debut album will be released on the 15th October 2012 featuring 12 brand new tracks. ( Mixed & produced by guitarist Jake Graham.)  It will be available from HMV, iTunes, Amazon, Play.com and many other online stores.

We had an early listen to Fahran  [available for pre-order] and here’s what we thought:

Silver Scene’ explodes into life with blazing rim-fire percussion, boss-man riffs and startling vocals. But you soon realise that something is afoot, especially when those syrupy  guitars snakily ooze out and enfold you within their greedy enticingly tender tentacles. Yes, you will be hooked.

Stay Alive’  has a mysterious beginning. A weak vision rising murkily from a misty swamp. Then the vision gurgles and mutates into a grotesque but magnificent riff. Heart-rending vocals splinter out and tumble across the muddy, wallowing landscape. An oil-slick of deeply rutted sounds is rattled alive by the splendid speed of those drums as they deftly roll into the golden pools of guitar that spit out from the heavy darkness.

Cynics and Dreamers’ crunches along a well-worn silica path. This is masculine, tight shirted,  heavy waistband, classic rock ‘n’ roll …  at it’s most potent.  It is the most powerful thing you will strut to this year.  The relentless march is reinforced by a pounding bass and creosote stained guitars. This track is probably not for any cynics out there …

Ashes’ emerges like a shimmer of steely light. Dangerously sharp drum-work threatens to lance into your soul. While the guitars will bend and grind you into submission . And ‘In Our Eyes’ is garnished with bubbling bass notes and a gushing tempest of vocal artistry.

Crude Design’ has a clever patchwork of sounds –  they swing back and forth, creating an irregular mosaic for the grizzled vocals.  ‘The Vagrant’ has a steamy guitar intro. This wheezes and windily spindles out, so sinfully proud. The hairy-chest vocals from Nick may even remind you of the artistry of Paul Rodgers.

Serenade’ has a mystical flavor and some flakes of perfect guitar that encrust the voice that is melted inside, and tightens the melody. ‘While ‘We See Right Through You’ is an attack of demonic quality. A mighty rush of air and an all engulfing power-crusade. Sagacious lyrics and a hurtling pace will take you to the very edge of your expectations –  and will then let you go. Into the abyss you will hurtle.

The hard rock anthem ‘Bittersweet History’ sounds like something that could be from the “Tom Scholz” back catalogue. Effervescent, high sheen, superlative production quality and a squeaky-clean piece.

© Neil_Mach Otcober 2012



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