Interview with Honour Is Dead

Honour Is Dead Performing at REDFEST 2012
Image © Neil_Mach 2012

Honour is Dead is a high energy Metal/Hardcore act from Horsham who played a blistering set at this year’s REDFEST.

Playing their unique mixture of melodic riffs, brutal breakdowns and orchestral synths, the crowd at REDFEST were crying out for more…

We had a chance to catch up with the boys and have a chat about their experiences at REDFEST 2012 and talk about their busy year so far…

RAW: How was this year’s Redfest for you?

HiD: Really really good! We were one the heavier bands on the festival so weren’t sure how we’d go down, but the crowd seemed to dig it and went crazy! It was great to party with a lot of friends in bands too.

RAW: What have been your most significant memories of this year so far?

HiD:   There’s been loads! But it’s gonna have to be things on our Europe tour! The drive from Germany to Italy is insane! You go through the most amazing valley and it’s mind blowing! We also played some youth centre in the middle of nowhere in Germany and expected nobody to turn up, and like 250-300 people ended up coming and going crazy. It was intense!

RAW: That is one helluva tour …  We counted 23 dates

HiD:   We think there’s even more than 23! We started on 18th Dec [2011]  in Nottingham and ended on 16th Sept in Belgium with no days off!  We couldn’t wait to get back to Europe, we  played some new places like Poland and Czech Republic and we can’t believe how many people know us over there!    We had loads of advance tickets sales for Warsaw and Poznan, and we’ve never even been there!  We got to play with some friends on this tour which is great! Like Heights, Heart In Hand, Demoraliser and a bunch of others, as well as new European friends!

RAW: What’s it been like working with Blind Ambitions?  

HiD:  They are lads!! It’s rare that it works out so you can tour with friends, we’re so glad we brought them out. Every night has been a party[…] We stayed at a beach and made a huge fire and drank absinthe!  No hula skirts yet, but when  it’s Hawaiian Friday… we’re holding out for that!

RAW: You have been so busy gigging, how do you manage to fit in any recording or writing time?

HiD:  We struggle! We write a lot on tour and sometimes we get long soundchecks where we can jam new ideas. We’re currently writing our album, so we’ve got the whole month of November off to finish the pre-production stage! The best thing to do is go to local gigs, support other bands and socialise with people! Our first ever tour was because we went and watched Shaped By Fate at a Brighton show and 3 months later we did a full UK tour with them (and we were only 15-16!!!)

Thanks Honour Is Dead

Honour is Dead was talking to © Neil_Mach August 2012

To check out the Honour is Dead album Engrave, Embrace click here:

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