Stubborn Heart Starting Block Remixes – EP Review

London-based duo Luca Santucci & Ben Fitzgerald aka Stubborn Heart offer indulgent listeners a new post-dubstep era. Their distinguished blend of electronic soul carries with it some jaded relics from a bygone dubstep age, and also incorporates the sounds and the memories from an even more distant past – from Northern soul nights, techno house gatherings, and garage rock weekenders. It’s all here.

The Starting Block Remixes EP by Stubborn Heart is released on  26th November as a 4-Track 12”vinyl or download. [One Little Indian]

The 12” comes with two new re-workings by the duo,  but starts with the original mix of ‘Starting Block’. This is a bubbly bottle of fun. And feels like a disjointed centipede.  All limbs and feet.  A solemn voice spreads out inkily – making its way through the dark thin lighter notes. And all the time a beat gloops on, sputtering and bubbling like a stew pot on the boiler. When the voice goes high and light, the effect is like a firefly spiralling into the moon.

The ‘Something New’ remix has a splatter of syncopated rhythms and a whisper of slyness about it. The bass sputters and rubs its way oppressively out of trouble. Then vocals wheeze against a backdrop of rubbery wuzzes. The tinkle-bell piano adds a sugary chime to the overall tinselly effect. Probably a good choice for the party season.

The ‘128 Yard Dash Mix’ is a collection of home-style ticks and nervous spasms.  The old-school soul charm shines through like a nervous grin through a grubby pub window. And the transparency of the rhythms creates a rustle of pleasure.

Clubinstrumental’ wallows and sways. It ‘s like watching a boozy waiter juggling with too many trays. It feels as if it will all fall apart. Especially if you keep staring. So, look no further. Just wait for the main course to be delivered. This track will shake the dust from your boa, and give the heels a ride.

– © Neil_Mach November 2012 –



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