Guitars Have Ghosts Green Lover

One of London’s most formidable rock forces, Guitars Have Ghosts, have today announced the release of their brand new single ‘Green Lover’ (out on March 11th, through Right Track Records.)

Recorded with legendary producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness & Enter Shikari ), the song encapsulates the big riffs of early 90’s grunge, intricate harmonies and accomplished song-writing.

Tom Scully, Darren Wood, Josh Pow and Benedict Welling formed the band, when stood outside a Camden pub in 2010 –  and have swiftly become masters of their craft on the live circuit. 2012 saw the release of their self released first single ‘Superchild’, which was met with critical acclaim from music press and fans alike.

As hype around GhG begins to grow, the London-based band has been invited to appear as part of the Live Nation In-House Artists Project, at the iconic House Of Blues venue on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. On April 7th, the best new artists from around the world will perform in the final stage of the competition. For a band who has taken hold of its own future, this is quite a feat for GHG.

Guitars Have Ghosts albumj cover

We had a listen to ‘Green Lover’ :

The surprising aspect of GhG’s work is the way in which they madly mix things up. Complicated vocal head-rushes are often paired with folk rock style persuasions, and set against crisp sets of crunchy chords. And don’t forget the fairly hefty slabs of metallic guitar that are always ready and waiting at the back to be launched.  In this song we have a funky-peeled bass and a tweedy sounding folk guitar to start things off.  The verse breaks down into something softer,  as the ‘Hold on…to my heart … ’ hook becomes clear, especially as the fog lifts away.

Then nifty flamenco style fingerwork hustles briskly for business, and this forewarns of the turmoil to come.  Because, by then, sizeable guitars are ready to storm in to take centre stage – resulting in a display of beautifully muscled creativity. These last parts of the song glisten with sweat as the music fades.  A heroic and flawless number.

-© Neil_Mach February 2013 –


‘Green Lover’ is out on March 11th as a digital download on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

NEW Interview with Guitars Have Ghosts here

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