Witch Hunt – Crawl

Crawl’ is the 2nd single from Witch Hunt, the Leeds based duo of Louisa Osborn & Chris Mulligan.

Self produced title track “Crawl” ( released on the 22nd April 2013 on Dead Young Records) shows a softer side to their sound but an equally alluring & all the more menacing wit.  Tension builds with expert poise as Louisa’s angelic voice haunts swirling guitars, sinister lyrics creep up on her prey capturing their will before they can realise what lies within, another listener is under her spell.

Witch Hunt shortWe had an early listen to ‘Crawl’ and here’s what we thought:

Spangling Spanish guitars rise to greet you,  then a carpeted tangle of bedsprings and interlaced coils begins to interlope into the shiny vocals. An upwards trending beat is kind, and it creates an awareness of rhythm.

Then the indulgence of those soft feathery harmonies help you feel that you have to wallow –  settle down into the depths of that gorgeously spirited, yet faintly hollow voice.

The song finishes with a tightly plucked sensation, perhaps to focus attention on the alarming line:  “ I will… Steal your face… for my own.”  It’s Mystical and spooky.

– -© Neil_Mach March 2013 –



Witch Hunt Live Dates

01/04 – Oporto, Leeds (Video premier/launch)
03/05 – Liverpool Sound City
04/05 – Live At Leeds
05/05 – Fibbers, York w/Battle Lines
02/06 – Communion London, Notting Hill Arts Centre
08/06 – Long Division Festival, Wakefield

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