Razmataz Lorry Excitement

After the successful launch of 9 track mini-album ‘If It Takes Me All Night Long’ in December 2012, Newcastle’s one-man, multi-faceted, celestial Electronic / Dance act  Razmataz Lorry Excitement returns this spring with follow up EP ‘China Town Remixes’.  The EP will be released on May 13th.

The EP, centred around the mini-album’s lead track ‘China Town’ features remixes from acclaimed Sunderland Mercury Prize shortlisted act Field Music, hotly tipped Newcastle & Paris based producer/DJ  Francophilippe, indie/electronic duo and rising stars from north Wales ‘Golden Fable’ [See our Star Map review here ] as well as a remix contribution from Razmataz Lorry Excitement himself.

Razmataz Lorry Excitement shortA hugely important part of the Razmataz solo world is his mesmerizing and energetic live shows; RLE has been blowing away gig-goers with his electronic one man band performances and shrilling diva-esque vocals up and down the country and will continue to do so throughout 2013 and beyond.

We listened to the original China Town track and here’s what we thought:

This charming night-time cruiser of a song starts with a silver-spoon sprinkled rhythm, chinking against a porcelain cup of sounds, as it sets the cruets clinking.

Then a sexy and confident low-beat pads in. A delightfully sensual synth sirens around, slurping its way through the belching, twisting and writhing lines.

The “Tear it up …. In China Town’ vocal is reminiscent of Sade at her most glamorous – the voice is sophisticated and neon-blue … and gradually vanishes into a smoky midnight.. This is replaced by the most beautifully lascivious saxophone – that slinks and slides to the floor …  and slowly undresses. Lavish and sparkling.

-© Neil_Mach March 2013 –

Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Razmataz

The China Town Remixes EP will be available to download from: http://razmatazlorryexcitement.bandcamp.com/

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