In Violet Opal Review

In Violet is an atmospheric rock act currently based in London. The outfit blends natural and acoustic energies with abrasive digital soundscapes that may remind the listener of Nine Inch Nails or A Perfect Circle.

Their single ‘We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia’ was released 10th May and the debut album “Opal” is released on 8th July via Cognitive Dissonance Records.

We had a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Opener ‘The Conch’ has a repeating metallic Eastern-sounding twang – focused on the fermentation of fizz and the gentle hiss of dirty rain. Then, after a glimmer of light against the precipitating atmosphere, the rhythm strides in to greet you –  in giant steps  – reminiscent of  Grieg’s  “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”  After this, the simple Taizé song echoes around some bare cold walls .

in violet smallWith a jarring clang ‘We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia’ scissors itself into your brain-matter, and insinuates deep into your synapses to play with your conscience  This is a crisp, bitter, sooty-black package. Then ‘The Hole’ helicopters into sight, all wicked blades and scimitar-sharp emotions. This is a cage rattling monster of a song, of promises and promiscuity.

Birds’  is delicate and paper-thin. An acoustic guitar gently brushes against the enchanting voices. The song is like a shaky old hand on a crooked stick. It is a mixture of moth-balls-and felt hats. Mouldy, cloudy and full of faded charm. This is a song that is exquisitely wrought.

We all know that ‘Chalk Lines‘ merge, and this song dissolves also,  like a lozenge frothing on the tongue. It is a seductive amulet of precious remote sounds.  Like listening to a spirit calling in the wind. Almost not quite there. But it has a disturbing authenticity to it. The voice is remarkably clean and delicately moist, as it wraps around the bong-bong drums and ticking rhythms.

Anyone who has a fear of crispy laced flurries – and the buzzing flicker of stingers and flickety-flicking flitters – might want to give ‘Entomophobia ’ a miss.  This track is full of fresh rustling wings and sudden flights of fragile fancy. Take a swat with you, if you intend to embark on this journey.

Polite’ is a cell of brisk sparkles and almost unseen glimmers set in a satin-black sound-scape. A burrowing ferret-like tune rushes around, digging and gnawing the dangling roots that hang down into the tunnelled, muddy wormholes of rhythm.

Fin’ has an amber drone. And an enchanting and clear voice (reminding us of Jon Anderson) that rises up and chimes against the distortion that is stickily splayed out below.

This is an interesting album. Not always lively – it is, however – completely addictive. It manages to be both magical and conventional – almost simultaneously.

Best for meditation, or for moments of reflection. Or just a lonely chill-out.

Check in and zone out.

– © Neil_Mach June 2013 –


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