In Violet vs The Narrows Boiler Room Girl Remix

in violet inhabit a musical world that can only be described as post industrial; taking influence from Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle, yet at the same time sounding like neither. Their début album ‘opal’ will be released on 8th July as a limited CD on Cognitive Dissonance Records and will be available through in violet’s Bandcamp page.

in violet smallRAW RAMP recently described the sound of in violet as having: “An amber drone. And an enchanting and clear voice (reminding us of Jon Anderson) that rises up and chimes against the distortion that is stickily splayed out below.”

Meanwhile The Narrows are burying their past and moving on to Part Two of their plan for world domination.

We had a listen to the Boiler Room Girl Remix.  Here’s what we thought:

Ventilated by a bag-piping drone, a whirligigging swirl of sound rises and flutters above the clutter of drums rumbling below.

The chords of the earth yawn dramatically – opening a huge mouthlike chasm from which a voice desperately makes an escape – like a moth released from an immaculate trap. 

The song then becomes an exhausted teleidoscope of sparkling fractals  and dangerous, perpendicular angles.

– © Neil_Mach June 2013 –


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