F.U.R.S. Going Nowhere

If you miss the lip-gloss, peroxide sharpness, tight pencil skirts and chromium plated shininess of Blondie – then you should look up this band.

London hippy pop trio F.U.R.S. composed of brother-and-sister Ellie and Liam Wade with Olly Betts on drums – create stunning effervescent pop ‘n’ roll tracks – and have already toured with Johnny Marr.

FURS smallTake, for example, the new track ‘Going Nowhere’

The generous layers of ultra-succulent textures will remind you of those lavish and jangly 60s production numbers from the likes of  The Shangri-Las.

The super shined vocals gleam out like a space capsule flying too close to the sun. The ultra-reflective glow from the mirrored surfaces will blind you.

The sounds are cold and pure. They bite into you in like a million blades. And then you choke with a zillion sequin stars. Beautifully engaging.

– © Neil_Mach June 2013 –



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