Tom Trago’s new album ‘The Light Fantastic’ melds together a range of influences – deep house, vintage synthesizers, classic boogie, disco, Chicago jack, acid house, and even a dash of full-throttle rave revivalism on the raw funk of “The Elite” – creating a set that sounds like it was painted in vivid colours by an artist at the top of his game.

I’m like a professor in a lab, trying to make little ideas work,” says Amsterdam-based Trago, warming to the theme. “The tracks are all there in my head, like a puzzle, and I have to make all the pieces fit together.

Tom Trago shortWe had an early listen to some of the tracks on ‘The Light Fantastic’ :

The dance-floor stomper “Two Together” is included in the new album. This features (and was co-produced by)  Steffi.

It’s a fast paced hurtled hurdler. Specks and spots of ink-blot sounds froth and fizzle then the ribald raspberry beat-proper comes to a head. It’s juicy and tidy. Like a Wham Bar hat-band.

True Friends” features BrEaCh on the vocals and San Proper.

The pace wallows like a fat belly walrus humping the gravel. A bitty vocoder voice is pounded out … flung like  a bunch of throw-stars into the night. The rhythm starts licorice and then it gurgles – like liquid fat – right into your nerve-endings.

Avenido” is hysterical and biting. A cloud of mosquito sounds zip around your head – driving you crazy. Then a tin-pot tinkerman chimes,  dents and dangs. It’s a heated thing. Like sweet beads of dance sweat on a dizzy forehead.

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –






FRIDAY 1                    Album Launch Party @ The Nest, London, United Kingdom
SATURDAY 2              Tenaz, Firenze, Italy
FRIDAY 8                    Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany
SATURDAY 9              Kong, Munich, Germany
FRIDAY 15                 Friendship, Le Rafiot, Strasbourg, France
SATURDAY 16           We Are Electric, Eindhoven, Netherlands
SATURDAY 16           Fuse, Brussels, Belgium
FRIDAY 22                 Tunnel, Milano, Italy
SATURDAY 23            Rush Hour Label Night, Trouw, Amsterdam
SUNDAY 24                Paradigm, Groningen, Netherlands
FRIDAY 29                  Lakota, Bristol, United Kingdom
SATURDAY 30           Trouw at Village Underground, London, United Kingdom


FRIDAY 6                   Club Bonsoir, Bern, Switzerland
SATURDAY 14           Loft Club, Barcelona, Spain
FRIDAY 20                 The Arches, Glasgow, United Kingdom
SATURDAY 21           Valhalla, RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands
TUESDAY 31              Loveland, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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