Black Whisky Union

‘Black Whisky Union’ is an exciting three piece project from Southern California set to be one of America’s hottest talents, signed to new international music label, ‘Soundmatch.’ The talented trio (Brit Sheridan, Jim Leber and Michael Wessner) have a sound that boasts heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll, memorable melodies, bass driven soul, and songs that draw upon influences from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse and Ryan Adams.

We listened to The Lysergic and The Acid –  the two part E.P.  ( A third part is out soon.)

BWU_AC_EP_ACID_01_CDBABYPlease Don’t Go’ has a percussive sound of crisp lightness – a fold of tissue paper – like a new shoe box unlocked.  Brit’s voice tenderly emerges – it is lush and very clean. This song is very reminiscent of the Winehouse version of Valerie (The Zutons.) It’s light, gentle and efficacious. Jazz at its most innocuous.

Little Lady London’  has a rumble of drums and a full set of talkative brass sounds. The low bass-notes cheekily nose around the scattered lingerie of sounds that surface the song. Meanwhile, the voice mumbles before it flies – whipping around the accompanying themes. The best part of this song is the rattling final dance beat that is so evocative of the sound production by Mark Ronson.

Letter’ is slow and congenial. A tear-jerker with a sigh of rhythm and a gasp of eerie guitar.  The voice is impeccable and compulsive.

Sometimes I Fall’ has a melody that sounds familiar and some high-quality production. Finely strummed guitar and generous piano help propel the warm – yet saddened – vocal along the prevailing route. The chorus will have audiences swaying along.

Gone’ is more jarring. This feels properly grown.  A clapping dance floor number and a shuffling trudger.  You can feel the sawdust under your Cuban heels on this one. The beat is stormy – like a good tango should be – and the voice of Brit has more passion and focus here. More than on the other tracks on the recording. The lyrics are much more aggressive here  too: “These games need to end today / F*** you anyway.”  It’s the new girl telling the old one to stop hanging around.    More of this please!

– © Neil_Mach October 2013 –


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