Charlie Jones Love Form

Following the release of his debut album ‘Love Form’ via Stranger Records, West Country gent Charlie Jones has returned with a video for album title number ‘Love Form.’

Bristol born Charlie is a legendary bassist, songwriter and record producer. He has toured and recorded with Robert Plant amongst many others, and  received a Grammy in 2009 as a co-writer of the song “Please Read The Letter” from the Album “Raising Sand” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Charlie Jones love formOn  ‘Love Form’ we hear somnolent piano dancing with a haunting pipe …  this laces itself – slinking – around the tubular sounds. A crash of sweet drums falter before they slide through the clutter-filled decay of this bewildering landscape.

Then an anguished cello growls like a rusty gate-hinge caught in a wickedly slow and painful breeze.The sprightly whistle catches the listener off guard – it is more cheerful than it should be between these sighing winter-garden tomb sounds.

Experiencing this is is like waking up in an untidy cemetery after your love has died away.

It leaves a feeling of emptiness deep within your wave.

– © Neil_Mach December 2013 –


UK live dates:

Sun 9 February 2014 Bristol The Folkhouse
Tues 11th February 2014 London The Vortex



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