JO HARMAN — Sweet Man Moses

Jo Harman’s evocative voice, and compelling stage-craft, has already seen her dubbed one of the most exciting singers of a generation. Now she brings her blues to a wider audience through the release of a double A side single  Heartstring/Sweet Man Moses (on Big Chill Label) available later this month.  The single launch is on 26th Feb at The Jazz Cafe – London.

DSC_0255Heartstring” has scratching post rhythms together with liquid keys –  these run long & thick like syrup, souping into the fissures of the song.

But it’s Jo’s voice  that clarifies the whole piece – airily lifting the melody so that it spreads gently  – and even starts to float like cotton fibre blowing in the morning air.

This is a song full of buttermilk evocations and seductive moonshine vocals.

Sweet Man Moses’  is moody and generously muggy.

A wispy organ runs along the edges of the tune, whilst a simple piano accompanies the faltering voice that is still tormented by the challenge of forgiveness.

The pace steps as slowly as a funeral procession – but is as generous as an unexpected smile from a stranger.

This is an intense song, majestic and reflective, and full of private praise and the triumph of love over grief.

Check out Jo Harman here:

Words & Images © Neil Mach







One Comment

  1. Mark P Edo

    Jo Harman is a horrible stuck up self centered deluded gold digger , she has no integrity and why anyone would like this bs sham copy of real music is way beyond me

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