Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz/Walling, a British musician from Brighton. Her new album UNFLESH is coming up soon.

gazelle twin shortHer evocative industrial-pop always seems to have a twinkle in its eye and a shimmy in its step.

New track ‘Belly Of The Beast’ is a lesson in measured response. It leaks out.  It dribbles. It is not an explosion or climax – but rather  a vague weeping … like an unhealed wound on the mend.

The percussion is rattlsome and itchy, the vocal is impertinent and brazen in its snubbery.

And the beats ping-pong like a thousand squash balls loose in the space station. Watch out… or you’ll be twatted!

– © Neil Mach March 2014 –








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