Talk In Colour in The Cell

London based five-piece Talk In Colour have been described as a blend between Portishead and Lamb. Their new single ‘The Cell’ carries on with their self proclaimed sound of cinematic future pop and will be released on 20th April.

Talk In Colour’s evocative song-writing abilities, hooky melodies, unusual arrangement skills and outside-the-box ways of thinking will grab the listener instantly and won’t let go until the music stops.

Talk in Colour shortWe had a listen to ‘The Cell’:

A thudding bodhrán sound sweetly moves this song along – like a beckoning shepherd might nod-along his flock.

But the pitch and timbre disperses – like clouds burnt away by the sun – to reveal a jazzy and more studious nature. The vocals spills out like molasses from a tipped treacle tin, oozing into the cavities of the tune.

The melody is beautiful against the rattan rhythms and the moody bass. The chorus stands out as proud as a sea-cliff …  growing from the underlying crust.

This is intricate, delicate and charming.

@neilmach © 2014




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