Audience Killers in Bare Feet

Latvian synthpop/electropop trio Audience Killers released their debut EP ‘Footprints And Hearts’ in July 2012 (Lauren Laurén records) and their single ‘Two Bare Feet’ at the latter end of 2013.

photo by  Ilze Vanaga
photo by Ilze Vanaga

Two Bare Feet’ starts with a fuzzy a cappella of sound – something sonically similar to Eurythmics – but perhaps post 1990 dissolution (i.e. Annie only.) The vocals are peachy – almost wallowing in clumps of cottontail cloudy goodness. It‘s like having a pillow-fight going-on inside your head.

Normund’s voice weaves and wobbles – as it flicks around the strands of goodness that are put up by Arletta’s spiralling keys and the backing harmonies that gracefully suffocate you with their charm.

Meanwhile, Edgar’s rhythms – mix and entwine – with all those plump soft weaves.

It’s so perfectly crafted and magnificently achieved that you feel yourself falling dizzily and blindly into the path of love.

And that’s not a good thing – because this song is all about the destructive nature of a relationship that has no potential end.

And how delusion and infatuation can cause nothing but pain.

@neilmach © 2014



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10th May 2014
2:15 pm to 2:45pm








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