ANNA PHOEBE — Violin Wriggles

Queen of the gypsies Anna Phoebe – has played fiddle with many notable musicians including “P Diddy”, Robin Gibb, George Michael, LeAnn Rimes and Nitin Sawhney. More importantly, Anna has released two solo projects Gypsy (2006) and Rise Of The Warrior (2008). This is in edition to working on the ‘Oi Va Voi’ album (2007) and Travelling the Face of the Globe (2009).

Anna Phoebe short 1Back in November 2011 we reviewed ‘Gypsy’ by Anna Phoebe. Here’s what we thought:

‘Rise of the Warrior’ begins with haunting tribal drums. An ominous cloud hangs dark over distant skies. Lightning cracks across the velvet crest. Then the serpentine violin from Phoebe curls out of the basket,abruptly awakened by the threatening storm. The tune twines about the landscape finding few places to hide. Constantly, the rhythmic patterns pound down creating cold rivulets of sound that wash away any marks left in the sand.

‘Ballingoola’ is a fierce skirl. A frantic jig. A squawking jumping juddering ride.

‘Spirit of Tara’ is more classical in nature. A thriving and bustling landscape comes into view before the fiery licks of violin wriggle and spew into the cold crevices and yawning chasms. Guitars contend the right to rule over the landscape. But Anna’s strings win in the end.

‘Dawn of the Sphinx’ has an unshakable foundation of rock. With carefully constructed patterns of percussion, the loosely drawn violin echoes and vibrates around, before coming to terms with the fluid environment and finding a place to lurk. The synthy sounds then edge into your recesses and poison your mind.

Anna Phoebe short 2‘Gypsy’ has a middle eastern pedigree – full of unctuous charm and seven-veil mystery. But it also has a recognisably rocking beat and a lingering soulful tune. Joy and sadness. Set together. Splendid.

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