Xavier and Ophelia Hate Birds

Multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer Dave Tough fell in love with the angelic voice and guitar work of DeAnna Moore when searching for demo singers on Myspace in 2009. They met and soon realized that they both shared a love of artists such as Fiona Apple, Goldfrapp and Edie Brickell as well as a penchant for older jazz standards.

Naming themselves after a pair of children’s dolls, Xavier & Ophelia – their sounds combine combine easy-listening melodies with electronic pop elements – often intermingled with live acoustic guitar and drums – the angelic voice of DeAnna Moore is always centre-stage.

Xavier and Ophelia I Hate BirdsThe Nashville, TN band have now released their second album titled “I Hate Birds”-

We listened to ‘I Need Money ’ taken from the album:

Along with chippa acoustic strums and plucks, and a chirping rhythm that rattles along briskly, Deanna’s voice – rich in cocoa butter oil – oozes from the cracks to melt into the fabric of the song.

The tune seems cheerful and full of hope … ironically it’s all about a relationship going sour and the clinging, carping attitude that occurs before an inevitable closure.

Nonetheless, you’ll be whistling merrily on the way to work with this one.

It will fill your world with immediate – rewarding – wowing.

@neilmach © 2014






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