Complex Sound Patterns at Cuttys Gym

2-piece guitar-drum outfit from Glasgow, Scotland – Cutty’s Gym – weave irregular rhythms into many layers of intriguing sound, each motif intersected by strong riffs.

Drummer Iain Stewart with guitarist / vocalist Craig McIntyre elevate their simple instrumental sounds greedily and sturdily – almost to stand on tippy toes – so that they can catch those lofty moments and reach those kite-high skys.

cuttys gym shortIt’s hard to imagine that all these complex sound patterns start life from such humble beginnings.

Take ‘Dudeman’ for example – this grows outward like an ink stain on vellum – taking over the entire expanse.

Yet, this starts with just a point and a flick.

The sounds are a weird mixture of catchy guitar loops and interesting changes of pace – with math rock intersections and a whole lotta energy going on.

The musicianship is remarkably accurate – razor sharp – but the sounds are not overly formulated or ever feel synthetic.

The output from Cutty’s Gym is organic, systematic and based on a love for real music… and a gut-feeling for real life and real attitude.

@neilmach © 2014








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