Vigorous and Lusty Taymir

Taymir, from The Hague (Netherlands) makes powerful melodic pop songs in the ‘60’s beat’ tradition, with the balls of the Arctic Monkeys and the edge of The Strokes.

Their debut single ‘Aaaaah’ was released in fall 2013. Shortly after it’s release, the song topped the Dutch airplay charts.

Taymir shortThe debut album ‘Phosphene’, was released late October 2013 in the Netherlands and Taymir was proclaimed ‘the sound of 2014’ by the dutch music press.

We listened to ‘All We Know’ – the second single from the album ‘Phosphene’:

This piece is bright and flowery. Colourful as a buketan fairy tale – with a voice of chrysanthemum – and chords that chomp and bite like hungry crocodiles.

But out of all this, the drums tumble like unbalanced cardboard boxes toppled in the wind, and a low bass gurgles cheerfully like a muddy river.

Bas Prins main voice is high and sweet – but vigorous and lusty – it has a manly quality to it.

The backing vocals croak along sometimes … (which is a bit disappointing) but they can reach satisfactory levels of sweetness and purity when the time comes.

@neilmach © 2014


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8th May 2014
3:30 pm to 4:00 pm












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