The Talks Talk Radio

The Talks are a Ska/Reggae band with punk attitude from Hull, East Yorkshire (UK).

If you like your 2-Tone Sounds to be convincing, juicy, sweaty and – above all – fun then The Talks is the new band for you.

Last year these dub-ska rockers released their ‘Westsinister’ E.P. along with single ‘Can Stand The Rain’ (featuring the legendary Neville Staple) and this April saw the band release ‘Don’t Look Behind You’ – their first single from the upcoming album ‘Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves.’ The second single ‘Radio’ will be released in June.

talks shortWe have been listening to ‘Radio‘.

And here’s what we think:

The fluctuating rhythms are powerfully hypnotic.

The patinated percussion hits you like big fat drops of rain bouncing from a corrugated roof.

The horn sounds are greedy and slippery.

The bass makes your head bounce.

The vocals are acidic – sometimes – but then they rush at you jubilantly. And you will feel relieved.

The uncertain intersection about two-thirds through the tune will make you smile. And it will almost certainly take you up and get you dancing.

This is a fiesta. Come and join in.

@neilmach © 2014




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