Vukovi Are Robots Now

Vukovi is an American football team from Serbia.

But never mind, Vukovi are also a Scottish experimental Japanese-style pop rock quintet. They consist of singer Janine Shilstone, guitarist Hamish Reilly, bassist Jason Trotter and drummer Colin Irving.

Sweet Swears“ is EP available from we had a listen:

vukovi smallWe Are Robots’ sashays lazily away to begin with, the voice of Janine combining with the elliptical effect of the crashing, effervescent guitars and spiralling drums that start to boil.

After the gathering of the forces, the instruments (and vocal) erupt into passion – with guitars and drums flustering excitedly – challenging each other for the domain.

The main result of all these interactions is a carbonated angular poem – a song that has extraordinarily powerful vocal detonations. And the corresponding dominance of huge guitar thrums.

This song combines bold musicality and compositional eccentricity along its axial tilt – to create something truly remarkable. An off-kilter wonder.

Title track ‘Sweet Swears’ has huge pylons of sparkling guitar. These tower over this song.

And a low gurgling bass-line that bubbles beneath the song-line. The main voice begins sadly, but soon rises to a golden bright precipice.

The song gradually builds up into a strong and magnificent composition.

This is rivetted to perfection by pin-point accurate drum-work and and projecting guitars that seem to fly away when not anchored down.


@neilmach © 2014


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