BOROKO — Expression

BOROKO—is the strange moniker of Australian singer/songwriter Tim Fontaine.

Somehow and somewhy – the Melbourne born entertainer has a cloudy connection with a small patch of Papua New Guinea. Known as Boroko.

Now, the poet has fallen – feet first – into the music scene of New York.

His creative writing and dry, powerful vocals are fun, stylish and fashionable. In fact, they perfectly suit the City.

Boroko smallWe came to BOROKO via his new live video for “The Expressionists” recorded at Level 11 Studios.

A grunting guitar pings and pangs awhile – and some drums tinker along.

Then another clanging guitar (Eddie Arjun Peters) sighs and heaves. And the great rhythm (from Max Maples on percussion and Andre Pilette on bass) begins in earnest.

Against all this tinfoil majesty – an honest to goodness blues rock track is fully formed.

The upright voice is smug and significantly mocking (reminiscent of Michael Hutchence) and builds a little fire in the heart.

Guitars keep grazing the surface of the song and the pace is hot ‘n’ heavy. The finish is tremendous. With a burst of sax from Glen Mauser.

Basically, Boroko sweats all this – as hard as possible…

Just like Mr. Mojo Risin’

@neilmach © 2014




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