Sampha Happens Lucian Remix

Morden born British electronic music singer-songwriter and producer Sampha Sisay aka SAMPHA creates electronic soul that teeters on the very edge of jazz.

His songs are truly imperative – vibrant and free.

His compositions – especially the good-graced “Happens” feel like rushes of wild wind.

Happens” is one of those wild and gusty-free jazz songs that gets deep into your bones. It lifts you to heights you never dreamed were possible.

lucian music short
Lucian – Rhythmic contractions build up an intense pace

So we were intrigued when New York Producer Lucian wrote to us – and told us that “Happens” has been re-mixed…

We listened to the Lucian Remix:

A finger-clicking pace and a series of rhythmic contractions builds up an intense pace for this release.

The milky-smooth voice is not lost in the commotion of locomotion.

It still has the freedom to breathe and to fly…

Even when enclosed within the rigid skeleton of a dance format.

The result is a pumping – motoring – and smoothly efficient, disco-flavoured,  hit … of unparalleled brightness.

@neilmach © 2014








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