Smile Swamp Princess

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your Rocky Horror fish-nets  – and place your Meatloaf  albums in the loft – out comes a new intergalactic gothic-love rock opera.

A unique live acoustic / visual experience, the story of Smile Swamp Princess takes place in a mystical swampland with two unlikely characters whose worlds collide.

A lost space cowboy crashes onto a strange swamp planet and he soon discovers the source of the planet’s beauty and true love.

The Swamp Princess and her Space Cowboy skim slowly into love, whilst dragging mounds of swamp-scum up their equally deranged mountains, concurrently expressing their tale through magical rock ballads, and up-tempo, rainbow-love songs.

Smile Swamp Princess is an artistically dimensional music project written and performed by Brooklyn based musicians Justin Johnson and Megan Lui.

 Photography by Gillian Arndt
Photography by Gillian Arndt

We have been watching the vid for the duet “XXXO”  – which tells the story of the Space Cowboy intercepting a transmission of love sent out into deep space:

This begins frighteningly low – with tetchy cymbals (Jorn Bielfeldt) and a deep, deep bass hum ( from Cody Robbins) – as if it actually comes from the vacuum of deep-space.

Then guitars (by Ben Sword Larroquette) become re-charged – and they gurgle to life like robots that have only-just been plugged in.

The voice of the Space Cowboy (Justin) is grizzled and worn – the lightest touch of the voice from the Swamp Princess (Megan) is questioning.

It is but romantically minded but bionically articulated … it is silvery moon-clear and it chimes like a calling-bell in the space-night.

Like all good arias – this builds up to a nice climax – a chemical transformation combining joyful spontaneity with vital impetus.

@neilmach © 2014


– The XXXO single will be released Tuesday, Oct 28th
– The XXXO video will be released one week later, Tuesday, Nov 4

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