Wild For Sleep Machine

Los Angeles-based rock duo Sleep Machine – consisting of powerhouse vocalist Alisha Zalkin with guitarist Dan Kalisher  – are about to release their 5-track EP titled “Cover Me In Gold”.

It was mixed and mastered by John Spiker (Tenacious D, The Killers) and will be released March 3rd.

The first single from the EP “Wild For You” premiered this week.

Sleep Machine - Sweetness hiding in cracks & boldness between the sheets...
Sleep Machine – Sweetness hiding in cracks & boldness between the sheets…

We had a listen:

This begins with a terrific headrush of blustering guitar-sound (reminiscent of bygone White Stripes.)

The rhythms constantly build themselves – stormily caging the beast within.

The alchemy includes a regular riff that titivates your nodding your head … this pace continues through the entire journey.

The voice brings to mind Katy Perry – I do not think Alisha will be happy about that comparison …. but there it is.

It has the same sweetness hiding in cracks and, similarly, that characteristic boldness that’s found between the sheets.

We particularly liked the bee-buzz guitar-work from Dan – it crossed over into our mind then growled, uncontrollably, around our cortex.

The wooah-wooah vocals complete this thoroughly engaging track. Neat and fun.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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