Shirley Said Find Salvation

Interest is growing for the sensual & visionary London based electropop duo Shirley Said formed by Giulia Scarantino [voices, synths] and| Simone Bozzato [guitars, electronics].

The band released their debut album “Metro Lovers” back in July 2012.

Shirley Said have now created a video for ‘Salvation’ — their latest double-A sided new single — out today March 23.

ShirleySaid rect
Shirley Said – The vocal nestles amongst angular jangles and screeches of synth…

We had a listen:

Shimmering curtains of bells introduce this song.

It reminded us of George Harrison’s “Within You Without You“.

Despite this, the mood is rather cheerless — bringing with it the aroma of joss sticks, patchouli and Mary Jane.

The vocal, nestling broken-hearted amongst angular jangles and screeches of synth, takes us step-by-step down the unhappy trail

But, luckily, towards a blissful conclusion.

A full cup of despresso with a frothy head.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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