Aaron Keylock at The Foundry Live

From his headlining appearance at the Charlotte Street Blues Club in London at the tender age of just twelve Aaron Keylock has been amazing blues fans with his phenomenal guitar-play and maturely written songs.

Now 17 year-old Aaron Keylock from Oxford UK is a veteran of more than 200 live shows, playing either alone or with his great rhythm section.

He has already shared festival stages in Spain, Holland and France with such luminaries as Slash, Joe Bonamassa and Blackberry Smoke.

While acknowledging influences such as Rory Gallagher, The Faces and the Rolling Stones, the young guitar prodigy has also written more than 30 songs, including the impressive “Medicine Man.”

Aaron Keylock - Tear-drops of the palest and shiniest guitar sneak out...
Aaron Keylock – Tear-drops of the palest and shiniest guitar sneak out…

We saw his Blank Canvas show this week at Camden’s Foundry:

Starting with the choo-chooing “Medicine Man” the first of Aaron’s songs whistled in with a blazing furnace of fiery guitar and the hearty smoke of a billowing rhythm section.

Shimmering chugs of guitar helped to locomote this song along —the chorus was hypnotic and those bottle-necked guitars were sublime.

Just One Question” is slow and beautiful.

Tear-drops of the palest and shiniest guitar snuck out, out whilst Aaron’s voice was soulful and just a tad gravelley. Perhaps like it outta be.

This is an incredibly passionate piece. https://youtu.be/vbq7evD-3V4

The play and the stance reminded us very much of Johnny Winter (Self Destructive Blues) with that emphasis on swishy play over-and-above the (perhaps more limited) vocal artistry.

Aaron explores the full range of what a guitar can offer — but so brilliantly and so neatly that it constantly amazes you how he can pull such things out for you!

A stunning performance by a real guitar prodigy in a relaxed and informal setting.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/aaronkeylock


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