LION BABE Wonder Woman

Musically, LION BABE (New York City’s Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman) sounds like shades of chipmunk-soul funk-jazz (think of Just Blaze as a comparison) coalesced with jazzed-up vocals that are smooth and shiny (very similar to Erykah Badu’s) and squeezed fresh with vitality and urban elasticity.

Jillian (daughter of the actress and producer Vanessa L. Williams — “The Courage to Love” telefilm 2000) — manipulates phrase and tempo in a distinct and vibrant way on the new Pharrell Williams produced track ‘Wonder Woman’:

LIONBABE - The vocal has stunning bone-structure...
LIONBABE – The vocal has stunning bone-structure…

The pace here is uneven and stained — with inkspots of darkness and lumps of rigid bass (from Lukey who is behind that bold bumpiness).

And, of course, this is about a strong woman responding to the masculine game.

So the vocal has stunning bone-structure and possesses enviable pride and determination.

Pharrell’s influence is evident at about the 2:40 mark, as the Astra Raw edginess is interrupted by a turning-break.

Then, after a long screech-owl howl those feline vocals skittle on back to impress us again.

A daddling, gentle-fun soul number blurred with Neptunes-style off-kilter eccentricity, impudent joltiness and undeniable glamour.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


The new single ‘Wonder Woman’ out May 4th –  preorder now

Listen to LION BABE on Spotify



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