Cornelia Trusts

On 15th June 2015 musical bright spark Cornelia Dahlgren releases her powerfully enchanting, intelligent pop-filled debut album ‘Balun’ on Camp Mozart records.

When RAW RAMP saw Cornelia performing live we said, “Her voice is Kate Bush, Katie Melua and Lene Lovich – all rolled into one. And then smothered in popping candy.” Review here.

Entering into the world envisioned by Cornelia is like being trapped inside a snow dome, with a swarm of moths. Uncomfortable enough to give you nightmares, but you could endure the sensation for an eternity. The relentless wing-beatings are somehow comforting.

 Photo by Greg Holland
Photo by Greg Holland

We listened to ‘Trust’ taken from her forthcoming album:

The voice of Cornelia on this track is uniquely tremulous — timid, like a trembling leaf on a sapling branch – completely bewitching.

Woven around this wonderful voice are small florets of sound that criss-cross playfully with horsetail percussion and slightly acidic — lightly sandy — rhythms.

But the dramatic root pressure remains … there is intrigue, struggle and salvation within this fully percolated number.

Atmospheric synth-pop that incorporates an engaging voice that is like no other.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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