Seattle Indie-Folk Duo MARCH TO MAY Sing About Love Lost — Embers

Seattle-based folk-pop duo —March To May — have already spent five consecutive weeks at the top of video charts with their debut single — “Embers.”

March To May formed early 2013 when Darren Guyaz (guitar, vocals, keyboard) and Beth Wesche (Celtic harp, vocals) co-wrote two songs.

The duo has since drawn comparisons to acts like The Civil Wars, Damien Rice and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Their debut EP [The Water’s Edge] was released in April.

The Water's Edge - EP - March to May
The Water’s Edge – EP – March to May

We had a listen to Embers:

Gently sighing strings and a darker toned cello facilitate an inviting caramel voice (from Darren) to slide in unnoticed.

Then Beth’s own ruby-ochre hues join in with the glistening sadness.

Darkness disguises itself behind every fold in this wonderfully moving ode to grief.

Eloquent, rust-toned and full of virtuous humility…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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