James Rooney is an Indie Rock singer/songwriter based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

James has fronted several bands in the past and is now exploring the experience of being a solo artist with “As You Do” set for release on June 22nd 2015.

Moddish behaviour
Moddish behaviour

We had an early listen:

This begins in a very special way.

As if a bunch of Gregorian monks had been hanging around Paul Weller for too long.

And they had started to foster and develop that slightly protesting new wave, moddish behaviour.

So, we get needle-sharp guitars that hang like barbed jewels onto the backdrop of darkness.

And we get supreme confidence in that liturgical — almost monastic — voice.

Plus, it’s  a super melody too! With a keen hook and clean rhythms.

Whether it innovates, refreshes or re-defines at all… Well, that is another matter.

But, certainly, it shines.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Images by GJB Photography



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