Myths And Muses in Merry Old England — Mythic Folk Rock from SERPENTYNE

Summer time is almost upon us here in merry-old England and it is a ripe time for garden parties, village fetes, morris dancers and pig-roasts.

And what’s missing? Some Neo-Folk Techno-Mythic Rock!

Fortunately, Serpentyne from London create some strangely addictive music that fits the bill perfectly — with a profusion of world rhythms, mediaeval and renaissance atmospheres — and all cleverly blended together with contemporary beats that will make the revellers dance.

Modern sounds tend to be intertwined with vintage instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo and harmonium, while the voice of Maggie Beth Sand creates its own mood that can be described as delightfully special.

This month the band have release their second album, Myths And Muses.

Myths and Muses - Serpentyne
Myths and Muses – Serpentyne

We had a listen:

Queen Boudica gave the Roman armies a thrashing — destroying their power-base at Camulodunum.

The ‘Boudicca’ track is a celebration of the Iceni warror-goddess who became the embodiment of ‘Britannia’.

The song is quite simple, with pattering drums and lots of jigging pipe-work. But it gets you worked up before you let off some steam by clogging along to those addictive beats.

Freya’s Firedance’ is about the Nordic goddess of battle, dance, and fire.

This song frolics joyously with a host of buzzy beats and Eastern style snake-like slinkiness until reaching beyond the 2:30 mark when those haunting vocals create pools of light that drag you into the centre of swirling danger with an increasingly possessive and magical influence.

Serpentyne’s version of Gaudete is magnificent and, of course, rose-coloured.

And ‘Hymn to Cynthia’ walks proudly and efficiently along a rumbling trackway of pebbled rhythms.

There is air in this song and it is also fraught with mystery. Cynthia is a secret name for the Moon … and this song shines into your heart like a quickly glimpsed ray of light in an ever darkening sky.

Mesmerizing and completely arresting world-folk — performed with zeal and passion and filled to the brim with fascinating dance rhythms and attractive medievality.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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