Haunting Trip Tonic DESERT SHIPS — Live Dates this Summer

The London based trip-tonic three-piece, Desert Ships sound is heavily cinematic.

With haunting guitar loops and hypnotic grooves that allow the dream-like melodies to weave in and amongst each other, while the three-part vocal harmonies create a spacey, ambient milieu.

The band are currently on tour and we have been reminding ourselves of their epic track ‘Skyliner’ produced by Ride’s Mark Gardener. [Released Nov 2014.] See Video below.

Desert Ships - Highly pastelized aural delights...
Desert Ships – Highly pastelized aural delights…

It’s a hazy-smoky glitter-fest of highly pastelized aural delights with vocals that wrench at your inner-chords and guitars that sizzle around your extremities.

Meantime, the band have returned to the studio with Gardener and started recording their new album.

Up coming Tour Dates:

Fri 19th Jun – Summer Rock Solstice Festival, Worcestershire
Sun 21st Jun – Fete De La Musique, Smoking Sod, Lyon, France
Sat 04th Jul – Hindhead Music Festival, Hampshire
Sat 11th Jul – Into The Wild Festival, Bucks
Wed 22nd Jul – 93 Feet East, London

Link: https://www.facebook.com/desertships


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