MIKE POSNER Reveals the Truth — And It’s Emotionally Powerful and Starkly Honest

27 year old Mike Posner is an American singer/songwriter and producer.

After releasing his debut album 31 Minutes to Takeoff , which featured his multi-platinum single Cooler Than Me, Mike Posner continued to produce and write songs for other artists including Maroon 5 (Sugar), Justin Bieber (Boyfriend), and Nick Jonas (Numb).

Now he reveals the TRUTH about things in the shape of a new 4-song EP to be released next week.

Mike Posner - Each song threads  deep into your soul...
Mike Posner – Each song threads deep into your soul…

We had an early listen:

Posner sits and plays his acoustic guitar for the first track. The sound is familiar — perhaps reminding us of English folk-rock singer ‘Passenger’ (Michael Rosenberg.)

First song “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” speaks of a hero who took the pill in the Balearics to demonstrate to Avicii that [he] “Was cool…”

Who is this person who flies high but remains so lonely? Well, it could be any singer who “already blew his shot …” And that makes the listener feel vaguely superior without being too complacent.

The rock-cradle chorus is, naturally, as sad as all your troubles put in a basket. But you cannot help feeling a little smug that you’re not like him.

Buried in Detroit’ has a dejected piano. It’s sad because it is a contemplation of one’s own demise.

Posner was born in Detroit, Michigan so this seems to be autobiographical.

The woebegone conclusion is that we may make our love in the world-at-large, but we still need to go home to finish life’s journey.

Maybe, by talking openly about burial and conceptualizing about elephant-death ritual, we will help ease our occupied minds and gain some inner peace.

All said, this is a song that’s emotionally powerful and starkly honest in its wonder.

Be As You Are’ is also mystical. With clear wind-pipes and a catchy rhythmic voice too.

Here Posner recalls the advice of a mother. This song is like a rich and refreshing theme-tune… Worth playing over-and-over to clear away your self doubt.

Cling onto this. And you will be saved.

This is much, much more than mere “listen and dance music.”

Each song threads deep into your soul — making you see and feel far more than you did before… Go on,  immerse yourself in these healing waters…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/therealmikeposner/



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