ROBIN & GARDENER — Universal Road

Universal Road’ has been out since March, 2015 and is an album resulting from another collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, producer and guitarist Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and songwriter and mixer Mark Gardener (Ride).

Mark Gardener - diverse and beautiful...
Mark Gardener – diverse and beautiful…

Guthrie has previously collaborated with Harold Budd (notably the chill-work Bordeaux ) and with John Foxx (Mirrorball) as well as creating several much-admired solo albums.

The diverse and beautiful collection on this new album of songs with Gardener bear repeated listening from beginning to end.

The main track ‘Blind’ is a particular highlight.

Gardener provides a framework of guitar for the beautiful melodies of Guthrie

With wonderful harmonies and intelligent instrumentation never far away.

Universal Road - Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener
Universal Road – Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener

Since Eric Green’s Kickstarter funded documentary exploring the history of underground post-punk “dream-pop” guitar bands of the 1980s-1990’s [Beautiful Noise] there has been renewed interest in bands like Cocteau Twins.

Universal Road’ proves there is still breathing-life in those old teachers.

It seems, they still want to take us by the hand, to lead us into in new directions.

Order Universal Road here



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