Exciting Roots Rock from LARKIN POE — Live at the World Famous 100 Club in London

American roots-rock band Larkin Poe from Atlanta, GA (US) are the Lovell sisters Rebecca (24) and Megan (26). They run with their drummer, Marlon Patton.

Their sound incorporates exquisite vocal harmonies, big guitar riffs, and slide guitar virtuosity. They are often compared to the Allman Brothers.

The band have toured relentlessly, most recently with Elvis Costello, as well as headlining their own shows.

We were able to pick them up, kicking off the second leg of their 2015 European tour, at the legendary 100 Club in London.

Kin - Larkin Poe
Kin – Larkin Poe

The band played plenty of hits from their first full-length album ‘Kin’ —such as ‘Jailbreak’ — with those grizzled guitars and smoky textured voices.

Rebecca tends to lead most of the vocals, with her expressively hickory-smoked voice and playing her jangly guitar.

Megan provides gloriously acidic licks from the Dobro. These purr, buzz, hum and sometimes just gently glide into the air. And her voice resounds in much the same way.

The harmonies are perfectly rendered, and sound especially expressive when they are layered upon huge splashes of heavy guitar.

So songs like ‘Don’t’ are not only persistent but also engaging. They show-off the clever song-writing skills of these girls.

Leadbelly’s Black Betty was a real high-point of the show. The crowd in London rallied to those huge gurgling, blackish riffs. And the voices shone through the familiar ashened sounds, like stars glinting on a volcanic night.

This was a phenomenal show.

With songs that were clear and bright enough to get the crowd dancing.

Yet, with enough lip-licking, lap-steel fun and sparkling electricity to constantly remind us that these girls were born under a Southern sky, with a dogwood canopy — and with country blues in their bones.

Words & Pictures: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/larkinpoe
Check their site for MORE UK dates

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