Fan Fans of Muse — Breath-Taking Spectacle at BASINGSTOKE from THE WICKED VENETIANS

If you like the idea of gently unfolding drama in music, maybe you like Muse, and you are entertained by the idea that the voice in rock should be grandly operatic, perhaps in the style of Queen… and that all of these sounds should be encapsulated within a post-punk world which is dark and somewhat troubled — then you’ll love The Wicked Venetians.

My Heart Was in the Wrong Place - The Wicked Venetians
My Heart Was in the Wrong Place – The Wicked Venetians

We saw the band performing at the excellent Amped Stage at Basingstoke — during the borough’s wonderfully organised UK festival event.

Eschewing their normal trio arrangement (and now with the super-talented Sian Sanderson on guitar and backing vox) this left Sam (lead vocals) with more freedom to hop around and play-up to the happy crowd at Basingstoke.

The band has been working on new material, with three songs almost completed for release. Although much of the set at Basingstoke included well-known and much performed older numbers.

The band line-up was completed by Steph on drums, keeping everything tight and rhythmically in-check (this was especially evident when things appeared to be veering towards overblown theatricals) — and, also, of course, with James on his reliable bass.

This is love that we are losing…” Sings Sam. And he certainly seems ‘Horrified’.

Sleepless’ is dark blue and proceeds as carefully as a night-fighting prowler cat might do as he gently steps back home.

Guitars bubble and sparkle around the voice.

And Sam struts, screams, groans and generally overplays everything…

He is like a vintage-era golden-screen actor weeping over agonizing internal conflicts that only he/she understands.

Despite the ever-present hyperbole, this is a breathtaking spectacle. Delivered almost effortlessly, and with brilliant musicianship of the highest possible quality.

Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©


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