Flower-Petally and Silvery Folk-Pop from JERRY WILLIAMS — Live in Hoxton

We got to see the singer/songwriter Jerry Williams from Portsmouth UK  (girl, not boy) at Hoxton this week at the wonderful Zigfrid von Underbelly venue.

Cold Beer - EP - Jerry Williams
Cold Beer – EP – Jerry Williams

Her pop melodies and gently  galvanizing vocals have already gained her honours including Winner Best Solo Artist for the Portsmouth Guide Awards 2014.

Her ‘Cold Beer’ was a song cleverly ridded with useful tips.

The voice was flower-petally, friendly and silvery as noon-time moonlight.

The song had a dizzying pace. With a giddy beat, and it offered up a funky lining.

At Hoxton we also loved ‘Tyre Kicker’ which was about the kind of boy that waste a girl’s time. Mothers tell daughters to avoid boys like this!

The song had wonderfully smart sub-texts.  Jerry’s voice was incredibly cute. But, although the song seemed honey coated — we got the feelin’ that this girl was getting serious.

Bolt From The Blue’ was softer, sweeter. The vocal range was magnificent.

All-in-all Jerry’s songs seem to be all about smoothing out the rough edges of relationships.

Cold Beer - EP - Jerry Williams
Cold Beer – EP – Jerry Williams

Alliances  between genders seem jagged to her.

And her songs, all delivered with flourish, enthusiasm, and honesty — were almost always ‘designed’ to soften borders…

To somehow move the invisible lines that dissect between boys & girls.

At Hoxton, Jerry’s magical songs captured our hearts…

Perfect folk-pop with angelic vocals, catchy melodies and lots of hidden meanings…

Words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/Jerrywilliamsmusic
Jerry Williams Cold Beer – EP -is available for pre-order now

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