Lifethereal Beauty from Columbus Dream Pop Duo FINE ANIMAL

For Fans of Sigur Rós —  here’s something new to slip into:

Fine Animal is LUCY OAKS and KELAN GILBERT from Columbus, OH.

They have a passion for creating softly vaporous dream pop, glo-fi, chill wave and other dream-works filled with pastel passion.

Before the Glow - Fine Animal
Before the Glow – Fine Animal

We’ve been listening to new EP Before the Glow

Starting with ‘When It Happens (it happens all at once)’ this has the fragile tremor of a butterfly cupped in a hand.

Insistently rolling beats bubble with enthusiasm around the charismatic voice.  It is a design of love and emotion.

Perpetually Waking Up’ is bold and angular.

With sheets of synth rhythm running cold. A darkness pervades the lower reaches of this disturbing song… Whilst pillows of voice are not quite, but almost, blanketed by the sounds. This would be too heavenly were it not for the beef in the bass sound. And that deepness lifts this song with a powerful life-force.

Boarding Area’ has the echoing loneliness of a booking-hall.

And ‘Lay Awake’ has subtle choral satisfaction. With scratchy layers of rhythm and chippy beats.

The white-satin voice from Lucy is almost transparent, so whispy.

And male vocals from Kelan are brown spots that extend through the fabric of this apparition.

This is the next level of electro-pop… lifethereal, shimmering beauty with delicate emotions running right through the soundwaves.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Main Image by KC Wilder


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