EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL — Walking Wounded — Special Edition Reviewed Here

Everything but the Girl (often abbreviated to EBTG) was a British musical duo, formed in Hull in 1982, and consisting of singer and occasional guitarist Tracey Thorn with guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Ben Watt.

The duo’s most successful single was the Todd Terry remix of “Missing” which charted in several countries.

Edsel Records now present the deluxe, re-mastered edition of the 1996 album ‘Walking Wounded’ – the first EBTG Drum and Bass outing for the duo.

The release is a Deluxe Edition with 2 CDs in casebound book. It is “Everything But The Girl’s” most critically-acclaimed and hauntingly-beautiful recording.

Additionally, Ben Watt has personally selected Omni Trio and Todd Terry remixes.

Walking Wounded
Walking Wounded

We had a listen to the new release:

Title track “Walking Wounded” has deep beats. These bite sharply into your skin.

An ethereal synth soothes your synapses on a higher level, as the voice is absorbed through your skin like buttermilk folding through epidermic reflections and folds.

Eventually a rapid pace is determined that pushes the whole thing all along.

Wrong” pinks and plinks like a faltering four-stroke at a busy interchange.

The nodding beat is hypnotic and creates jaggedy transformations.

And the voice of Tracey is relaxing, sweet-strong and hot as mustard.

This was an infallible disco single back in the day. The special ‘Live in Tokyo’ mix is  cluttered with box-top rhythms and completed with a warm voice that soothes like nothing else can.

Single” is dark, damp and mossy.

With a rhythm running through it like soggy dry rot. The voice is beautiful. Spooky, rich and noble.

Here, she sings of hope and desire. And she whispers such thoughts deep into your inner ear.

The ‘Live in Tokyo’ cut retains the emerald majesty and yet seems to deepen the hope/fear of looming solitude.

Before Today” is a scrap-book of fluttering beats and feathering nuances. The voice is rich and golden. With persuasive lyrics and truism found in every damp corner.

Exemplary lite-jazz moments, wonderful new-dance beats and movingly golden vocals brought wonderfully alive in a very special package.

The Deluxe Edition is out September 4 2015
The Ninth Album ‘Temperamental’ is also released as a Deluxe Package by Edsel Records the same day.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: http://www.ebtg.com/

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