Potent Country Blues NINE MILES SOUTH — For Fans of T Bone Burnett — Special Live Dates Announced

The Guildford, Surrey (UK) country and blues inspired hard rock band “Nine Miles South” prepare to launch their new EP early next month.

Their EP pre-release party is set for September 4th at the Jubilee Club at Barfly in Camden (London, UK).

The band have also added a couple of fantastic dates to their touring schedule:

Firstly that have been confirmed to play Hard Rock Hell in Wales on November 13th, with Black Label Society, UFO, Helloween, Pat Travers, Gun, etc.

They have also been confirmed as support for the Skinny Molly show at the North Devon Arena in Ilfracombe, on November 18th.

Nine Miles South - capable twang...
Nine Miles South – capable twang…

In preparation for the live shows, we listened to “The Reckoning

This laid-back, slow number slides oozily — like an alligator slithering himself sullenly into the muddy creek.

It’s got more stealthy resonance, more furtive corners of damp moss,  and more undeniable shuffle than a group of Kentucky bootleggers hiding the spare bottles before the federal agents arrive.

The vocal (Sebastian Mikkelsen) is sweeter than sugar maple and slides down real easy.

And the guitar (Jon Antony) is filled with capable twang.

The rhythms (bass by Andy Sleigh & drums by David Wilson) are perfectly executed, mature and suggestive.

Better than average country rock / blues — with more potent power than a case of hot moonshine…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/ninemilessouth


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