The Sharpest Knife by SARA LOV is Moving and Beautiful

The Hawaiian born Dévics singer / songwriter Sara Lov returns with her third studio album — ‘Some Kind Of Champion’ on October 30th.

This album is very personal. So much time passed since my last album of originals, that, when it finally came out of me, it felt precise. Maybe the time I spent away from writing and recording solidified exactly what my voice is and how it would best be expressed…” She says.

Lov collaborated with Zac Rae (keyboards and guitar with Death Cab for Cutie) who produced and mixed the record having worked with the likes of My Brightest Diamond and Fiona Apple.

Recorded in Zac’s Los Angeles studio — ‘Some Kind Of Champion’ features collaborations with Hauschka as well as  Dustin O’Halloran, Scott Leahy, Ed Maxwell, Zac Rae, Cedric Lemoyne & Jonathan Price.

Some Kind of Champion - Sara Lov
Some Kind of Champion – Sara Lov

We listened to The Sharpest Knife (featuring Hauschka) taken from the new album:

Set against Hauschka’s incredibly moving & beautiful yet heavy-eyed, stunning piano cascades — the languid voice falls away from the bone.

The pace is gorgeously waltzy with yawning cello sounds… And a sluggish trellis of soft beats.

There is a clarity in the silver voice… It reaches rare-high points, but also contains low and subtle textures.

While this is ambient, it is full-bodied and generously given.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
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