Touring Ireland with Mama Kin — LUCY PEACH is So Good — For Fans of Jade Castrinos

Currently supporting Mama Kin throughout Ireland and ready to drop a single, video and EP later this year… With an Australian national tour also in the works — Western Australia’s Lucy Peach is famous for her poetic song-writing and vibrant voice.

The new single ‘Be So Good’ features her organic acoustic instrumentation and rich, warm-hearted vocals that have made her so loved by Perth audiences.

Lucy Peach -An autumn-red and pectin-fresh voice...
Lucy Peach -An autumn-red and pectin-fresh voice…

We had a listen:

The autumn-red and pectin-fresh voice of Lucy reaches through the pinched palmettes of tight ukulele-plucks.

The melody is sweet and charming.

Although dandy and hope-filled, this is fuzzless, unfrilly and fragrant.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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